At Selenas, we have prided ourselves in providing the best tasting, 100% authentic Shishas for all our guests.

In order to meet this high standard of quality, we ensure each and every Hookah bottle is cleaned after every use. By “cleaned”, we mean taking apart the entire Hookah and bring it back to its original intended level of cleanliness.

We cut no corners when it comes to cleanliness because we understand that our customers deserve a benchmark in quality. We have not only set this with our Hookah, but also in our flavour menu. Selenas currently offers the most flavors in the area and we are the first and only provider of Laziz flavors, giving you the best flavour and quality for all of our

Experience the chill atmosphere and unique experience for yourself.


Let's eat.

Our menu is prepared with generous portions of fine-quality ingredients, has unquestionably withstood the taste of time. The secret’s in our incredible, rich, tangy sauce with our own premium special recipes.

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